Who we are - and what we do.

About LCAP

Our Background

We’re a small group of therapists, educators and academics who left successful, senior careers in other fields because we had a passion for using the science of psychology to improve the lives of those around us.

We couldn’t find the advice and training we needed, so we’re creating it ourselves. 

We’ve spent decades simplifying and solving the most complex policy and operational problems the country faces, through work at the heart of the UK Government. We've since combined that with the relevant clinical experience to know what works in practice, to offer you the best contemporary training courses you'll find.

the team

Meet our Directors

Graham Johnston

UKCP clinician, MBA

Graham Johnston is a psychotherapist and educator. He was Director of Policy at The Bowlby Centre, the UK’s leading training institution in attachment-based psychotherapy. Prior to training as a therapist, he spent two decades as an adviser and operational lead for the UK Government, specialising in home affairs. He has studied in the U.S., and completed an MBA at Imperial College, London. He is Co-Founder and Director of LCAP.

Matt Wotton

MBACP clinician, MBA

Matt Wotton is a psychotherapist and executive coach. He was Chair of The Bowlby Centre, the UK’s leading training institution in attachment-based psychotherapy. He has over two decades of experience in forensic mental health in the criminal justice system - in operations, coaching leaders, and advising ministers. He led the review of Race in the Criminal Justice System (The Lammy Review), commissioned by the Prime Minister, and has been a member of the Prison & Probation Board. Matt has studied at the London Business School and has an MBA from Warwick University. He is Co-Founder and Director of LCAP.

Our Courses

- Affordable
- Applicable
- Contemporary
- Concise

We offer you a focus on the insights you need to make an immediate difference in your life or practice. No filler; no adherence to out-of-date theories. We’ll only tell you what you really need to know, and what the evidence shows works.